Our hybrid transaction platform provides banks, large retailers, processors and operators a white-label solution that combines payments with custom loyalty schemes. The solution, based of a platform and a highly secured software development kit, can be fully integrated in your mobile app. It provides for an optimal user experience of the check-out process. All type of payments can be supported : credit cards, PSD2 based bank transfer, deferred payment, prepaid, vouchers, coupons, loyalty points, etc. It is a key instrument to improve the convenience that consumers are expecting more and more.
Blended check-out
Low cost payments
Integrated loyalty
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Convert your check-out into a single and simple action, consistent with and fully embedded into your branded customer journey.

Benefit from our PSD2-ready payment platform that combines the low cost of credit transfers with a highly branded user experience.

Seamlessly integrate your loyalty and couponing program into the full shopping and payment process, delivering a true end-to-end customer journey.

Thanksys blends your check-out across all channels

In store

Improve your in store shopping experience by blending in the check-out in a less intrusive flow.


Implement a fully branded check-out that combines payment and loyalty in one simple click.

On the move

Upgrade your delivery to a check-out process and make it an integral part of your customer journey.

Highly secure

With our patented solution we ensure that transactions, tokens and highly secure information are stored in a safe vault on the customer mobile device. The information can only be altered through a secure communication with our PCI-compliant and GDPR-ready servers, while at the same time still allowing that information to be accessible for the end-user when they are offline.

Fully customizable

Our micro-services based architecture combined with our mobile payment and secure storage SDKs, allows you to get started with your project in no time. And if that’s not enough, we provide a clear multi-tenant API and customizable web-based portals for your users and businesses so that you can focus on your business bottomline.