At Thanksys, we breathe innovation.
We managed to combine a flexible, easy to integrate solution with the high security demands of payment
Software as a Service
White labeled SDK
Patented Security
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How does it work ?

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Highlights of our technology

Comprehensive domain model

Most payment and banking frameworks are designed for managing monetary value. Although the payment, remittance, clearing and settlement processes, etc… might be complex, money itself is not very difficult to handle as it only has two attributes: currency and amount. The Thanksys technology is based on a domain model designed to go beyond monetary value and supports also coupons, vouchers, loyalty points and any other possible stored value.

Micro services based platform

Thanksys micro-services based architecture combined with our mobile payment and secure storage SDKs, allow you to get started with your project in no time. And if that’s not enough, we provide a clear multi-tenant API and customisable web-based portals for your users and businesses so that you can focus on your business bottomline.

Patent pending security framework

With our patented secure storage solution (WO2016177843) we ensure that transactions, tokens and highly secure and sensitive information are stored in a safe vault on your mobile device (Android, iOS). This mobile security SDK supports a strong online authentication (secure payment, access control, document signing etc…) with a secured offline exchange availability of stored value such as vouchers, coupons or loyalty point. GDPR is taken into account in Thanksys' privacy by design approach.

Off-the-shelf toolkit

Our solution is composed of a platform with a comprehensive set of APIs and a SDK that can easily be integrated in your mobile application. This makes it easy to build a fully branded check-out experience in a short time.

Professional services team

When you engage Thanksys, you gain access to our team of experienced solution architects and developers, who are committed to help you to take full advantage of our platform and SDK. If needed we can help you building the complete solution or customise on your specific requirements.

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